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New Schedule: More Training, More Variety!


Hi Everyone,

Due to the growth in membership this year and feedback from members and families we have decided to update the training schedule to offer members more variety and a greater number of classes to choose from each week.

Please note that all evening classes will be effected so please refer to the new schedule.  Please click here.

The new schedule will be effective from Monday 17th May 2010.  Thank you to all members and families for your continued feedback as we continue to grow a strong community on the Sunshine Coast.

We have also noted the requests of our adult members wanting more morning and day classes.  As we receive further interest from members we will look to provide more training opportunities in these times for adults training at Sunshine Coast Karate.

For further information re:  training schedule and programs at Sunshine Coast Karate please call (07) 5448 5274.
Enjoy your day!

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