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Fight-A-Thon: Support Your Local Members of the Australian Karate Team


A match practice and fund raising event supporting

Queensland members of the Australian Karate Team

Fight-a-thon @ Sunshine Coast Karate

In August 2010, the top Karate competitors from around the world will descend upon Kumamoto, Japan to attend the Soke Cup, also know as the 10th International Chito-Ryu World Karate Championships.

As an amateur sport, karate has quite a low profile in Australia, so athletes are primarily self funded. Estimated cost for the trip alone are around $4000, not to mention costs associated with training and domestic competition which forms a necessary part of the preparation for such an event.

The primary purpose of the fight-a-thon is to give athletes an opportunity to collect sponsorship to help offset the financial costs of the trip. And the secondary, but still very important purpose is to give competitors some great match practice as they head into the final stages of preparation for the world championships.

Here’s how it the fight-a-thon works:

  • Each participant will have 30 matches.
  • Each of these match will be either 1 minute or 1 point, whichever comes first.
  • Sponsorship may either be either a flat donation, or a donation of an amount for each fight that the participant wins out of 30.

The fight-a-thon will be held at Sunshine Coast Karate’s Maroochydore Dojo. Sunday, 23 May 2010, commencing 9am. All members of the dojo are welcome to attend and participate, as this will be a great opportunity for to not only support local members who will be going to the world championships, but also to get some match practice for yourself prior to the Sunshine Coast regional tournament, to be held, Sunday 13 June 2010.

If you are in the dojo, I’m sure that team members will be asking for your support, and also asking for you to come along and take part in the fight-a-thon to help give them lots of variety with their matches.  Good luck everyone!

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