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Bring Karate into Your Holiday Fun!


Looking for exciting ways to enjoy your holiday break? Why not mix in some karate action! Here are some high-energy ideas to bring karate into your holiday fun:

1. Family Karate Sessions: Bond with family over a fun-filled karate session. Learn new moves together and create lasting memories!

2. Karate-Themed Activities: Organise karate-based scavenger hunts or obstacle courses for kids. It’s a perfect blend of exercise and excitement!

3. Holiday Karate Program: Join us at Sunshine Coast Karate for our Winter Holiday Karate Program. It’s a great way to improve skills and meet new friends!

4. Karate Movie Marathon: Watch inspiring martial arts movies with friends and family.

5. Outdoor Karate Practice: Take your practice to the park or beach. Enjoy nature while perfecting your techniques.

6. Karate Photo Challenge: Capture your best karate moves in unique holiday spots and share them with your family, friends and instructors.

7. Download a variety of kid’s activity sheets in the Sunshine Coast Karate Members Area or pick them up from the dojo next time you are in for a class.

Remember, the holidays are all about having fun and trying new things. Why not make karate a part of your adventures?


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