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Chito-Ryu Karate-Do National Friendship Tournament


Please see below information relating to the upcoming 2010 National Friendship Tournament.

When: Sunday 17th October 2010

Where:  Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre
Hall of Legends

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Register
• Players are placed in divisions with students of a similar age and grade giving everyone an opportunity.
• All players receive a certificate of participation recognising their effort. Trophies and/or medals are awarded to place getters.
• Our “Frienship Tournaments” are specific to our Chito Ryu Karate Style and are a great opportunity to build relationships with students from other dojos.
• Students learn a great deal through participation, gain confidence, achieve goals and are able to see higher level competitors in action.
• The event gives students the opportunity to display their skills. It is an outlet for all the effort and hard work put in at the dojo.

To register your interest please contact our instructors for more information.

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