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Grading Success @ Sunshine Coast Karate

Congratulations to the following students on achieving new grades at the recent grading (Saturday 28th August) conducted at Sunshine Coast Karate.

Grading to 12th Kyu (Yellow Belt):
Chloe Blumfield, Wendy Boman, PJ Doughty, Jon Doughty, Dale Kavannagh, Zander Mayes, Lachlan Nicholson, Kate Pettett, Kamile Pikturnas, Karolis Pikturnas and Isaac Rodrigues

Grading to 11th Kyu (Orange Belt/White Stripe):
Blake Jones & Zennjo Searle

Grading to 10th Kyu (Orange Belt):
Jake Davis, Be Fleming, Jade Glare, Jack Glare, Adam Gray, Stanley Solomon & Holly-Rose Williams

Grading to 9th Kyu (Green Belt/White Stripe):
Keely Ansell, Daisy Guy, Matthew Olson & Mitchell Williams

Grading to 8th Kyu (Green Belt):
Ethan Donovan, Kimberley Porter and Zoe Poulter

The next grading to be held at Sunshine Coast Karate is scheduled for Sunday 24th October 2010.

All members and families at Sunshine Coast Karate are now focusing their efforts on the upcoming Beginner Tournament which will take place on Sunday 12th September at Millwell Rd Community Centr, Millwell Rd Maroochydore.  For more information about this event and the pre-ording of T-Shirts please contact instructors.