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Team Of 22 To Represent Sunshine Coast Karate At The Nationals

Another Tournament Adventure for our Sunshine Coast Karate members and families.  This time we are off to Sydney to attend the 2010 National Friendship Tournament on Sunday 17th October 2010.

Congratulations to the following 22 Sunshine Coast Karate members on securing a place on the 2010 ICKFA Inc QLD Karate Team.

Little Champions: Kairyo Searle [pictured right] & Henrick Flynn

Karate Kids (Beginner): Jake Davis, Zac Neasmith, PJ Doughty, Lachlan Whale, Braydon Whale, Broden Speer & Zennjo Searle

Karate Kids (Intermediate): Tia Guy, Renae Saunders, James O’Grady, Baden Ring & Ethan Donovan

Teens/Adults (Men): Jon Doughty,  Raphael Borleis & Jim Moehead

Teens/Adults (Women): Wendy Boman, Emma Moehead, Emma Woodhouse, Helen O’Grady & Sandra Phillips

Good luck to all of our Sunshine Coast Karate members and families travelling to Sydney for another great adventure along with our friends from the Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Dojo.

For all the latest news/updates/results/photos in relation to the 2010 National Friendship Tournament be sure to visit our Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Fan Page.