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Sunshine Coast Karate Beginner Tournament – Results & Photos


And… Here are the results of the 2010 Sunshine Coast Karate Beginner Tournament.  Well done to all competitors from both Sunshine Coast Karate and Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Dojos.

Competition Date:  Sunday 12th September 2010
Venue:  Millwell Road Community Centre, Millwell Rd, Maroochydore

Little Champions
Karate Triathlon (4-7 Yrs)
1.  Henrick Flynn (SC)  2.  Kairyo Searle (SC)  3.  Brandon Norton (SC)

Karate Kids
Karate Triathlon (8-12 yrs)
1.  Jake Davis (SC) [pictured right]  2.   Broden Speer (SC)  3.  Zac Neasmith (SC)
Kata 11 Yrs & Under White-Green
1.  Zennjo Searle (SC)   2. Renae Saunders (SC)  3. Madeline Swaby (GC)

Kata 12-15 Yrs White-Green
1.  Selina Strazzari (SC) 2.  Jake Davis (SC)  3.  Chloe Blumfield (SC)

Kata Adult (16+) White-Green ( Karate for Ladies, Karate for Men)
1.  Chris Strano (GC)  2.  Jon Doughty (SC)  3.  Wendy Boman (SC)

Kata Blue-Purple
1.  Tia Guy (SC)  2. Jessica Strazzari (SC)  3. James O’Grady (SC)

Kata Brown-Black
1.  Anthony Horgan (GC)  2. Emma Woodhouse (SC)  3. Emma Moehead (SC)

Team Kata White-Purple
1.  Gold Coast (1) – Ryan Wilcox, Donell Cook, Chris Strano  2. SAS (SC) – Keely Ansell, Jessica Strazzari, Selina Strazzari  3.  Insanity – Wendy Boman, Lachlan Whale, Braydon Whale

Team Kata Brown-Black
1.  SAS (GC) – Bina Schiffers, Tasi Schiffers, Anthony Horgan  2. Egg Plant – George Britchford, Emma Woodhouse, Emma Moehead

Bunkai Demo Event
1.  Gold Coast – Adam Higgins, Anthony Horgan  2. Sunshine Coast – Sandra Phillips, Jim Moehead  3. Sunshine Coast – Emma Woodhouse, Emma Moehead

Kumite 10-11 Boys
1.  PJ Doughty (SC)  2. Jaden Swaby (GC)  3. David Strazzari (SC)

Kumite 12-13 Boys
1. James O’Grady (SC)  2. Donell Cook (GC)  3. Ethan Donovan (SC)

Kumite Mens
1. Anthony Horgan (GC)  2. Raphael Borleis (SC)  3. Chris Strano (GC)

Kumite 8-12 Girls
1. Tia Guy (SC)  2. Renae Saunders (SC) 3. Cheyenne Ferguson (GC)

Kumite 14-17 Girls
1. Emma Woodhouse (SC)  2. Bina Schiffers (GC)

Kumite Ladies Open
1. Sandra Phillips (SC)  2. Tasi Schiffers (GC)

Junior Tournament Champion: Tia Guy (SC)
Senior Tournament Champion: Anthony Horgan (GC)

The next martial arts tournament that our members from Sunshine Coast Karate have their sights set on is the 2010 National Friendship Tournament to be held in Sydney.

There were some great photos taken at the Sunshine Coast Karate Beginner Tournament by Gold Coast Team Member and Senior Tournament Champion, Anthony Horgan.  Be sure to connect with us at the Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Fanpage to check out these photos.

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