Little Champions Turning Green


A huge congratulations to Haris, Aaliyah, and George for earning their green stripe belts.

Your dedication and hard work in the dojo are truly inspiring. By training in karate, you’re continually strengthening habits that will serve you in all areas of life, such as:

1. Self-Discipline

2. Focus

3. Respect

4. Perseverance

5. Confidence

Reaching a green stripe belt in our Little Champions program is a significant achievement, marking almost halfway to a Little Champions black stripe belt. This milestone highlights your exceptional commitment and perseverance.

A big thank you to all Sunshine Coast Karate parents for supporting your Little Champions and Karate Kids and getting them to the dojo every week. Your encouragement helps them practice and strengthen these valuable habits.

Keep up the amazing effort Little Champions.

Let’s continue to move towards black stripe belt and beyond by practising self-discipline, focus, respect, perseverance and confidence a little more with each day!

Not only will you achieve your goals in the dojo, but you will stack the odds in your favour to succeed in all your endeavours.

Let’s now wrap up these school holidays with some great training, friendship and .. a little chocolate as we celebrate ‘World Chocolate Day (Week)’.

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