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Tournament Success For Sunshine Coast Karate Students


Congratulations to the following Sunshine Coast Karate members who travelled to Sydney to attend the 2010 National Friendship Tournament on Sunday 17th October 2010.

Sunshine Coast Karate Team Members include:
Kairyo & Zennjo Searle, Henrick Flynn, Broden Speer, Jon & PJ Doughty, Renae Saunders, Ethan Donovan, Wendy Boman, Braydon & Lachlan Whale, Tia Guy, Emma Woodhouse, Jim & Emma Moehead, Helen & James O’Grady, Raphael Borleis, Zac Neasmith, Jake Davis, Baden Ring & Sandra Phillips.

Below is a listing of the results (top 3 places) of our Sunshine Coast Karate members.

Zac Neasmith:  1st Kata, 2nd Team Kata
Broden Speer:  1st Kata, 3rd Kumite
Zennjo Searle:  3rd Kata, 2nd Team Kata
Lachlan Whale:  1st Kata
Jake Davis:  3rd Kata, 2nd Team Kata
Tia Guy:  1st Kata, 1st Kumite, 2nd Team Kata
Emma Moehead:  2nd Kata, 2nd Team Kata
Sandra Phillips:  1st Kata, 1st Kumite, 1st Team Kata
Helen O’Grady:  3rd Kata, 1st Team Kata
Jon Doughty:  1st Kata
Jim Moehead:  1st Kata, 1st Team Kata
Renae Saunders:  1st Kumite
Raphael Borleis:  1st Kumite
Emma Woodhouse:  2nd Team Kata

Tia Guy:  Joint Junior Champion
Sandra Phillips:  Senior Champion

Note for all Sunshine Coast Karate members & families: our final tournament of the year will be a beginner tournament held on the Gold Coast on Sunday 7th November.  If you would like to be involved in this tournament as a competitor, official or spectator please be sure to catch up with instructors by Wednesday 3rd November 2010.  A big thank you to Adam Higgins Sensei and his team on the Gold Coast for making this event possible.

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