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Grading & Leadership Grading Results


Congratulations to all students who stepped up over the weekend and passed gradings (Saturday, 28 July).  As always, the grading process is an important time in the dojo not only for students who move on to higher levels, but also for instructors who get a snapshot of how everything is going in the dojo.  It’s a great check in to see what things need more attention, what things have improved and also to acknowledge the growth in individuals.

It was a very small grading this time around, but as always the students who stepped up and passed showed a very good standard.  Anyway, onto the results.

12th kyu Yellow Belt – Luke White
12th kyu Yellow Belt (Almost there, still a few more things to do in order to finalise grading in class) – Blaze Fischer & Jake Herden
11th kyu Orange Belt White Stripe – Felix Nicholls, Rodney Jones, Caitlin Thom, Adam Laidlaw
10th kyu Orange Belt – Nathan Eley, Cath Amos, Jamie Thom
9th kyu Green Belt White Stripe – Alexandra Thom, Jack Graham
8th kyu Green Belt – Daylon Johnston
7th kyu Blue Belt White Stripe (Practical test passed)- Bailey Keefe
6th kyu Blue Belt – Henrik Flynn
2nd kyu Brown Belt (Practical test passed) – James O’Grady, Klaudia Caston

In addition to the student gradings on the weekend, many of our leaders stepped up for leadership gradings. Sensei Sandra has been working incredibly hard developing some amazing leadership resources and training programs over the last year or so.  As a result, the quality of the next generation of leaders coming through now is a very high standard.  And I am sure in a few years time many of these leaders will become great instructors.

A also a big congratulations to dojo leaders moving on to the next leadership level. And also a big thank you to all of the leaders for your ongoing support and assistance in the dojo.

Level 1 Leaders – Duncan Bigg, Keiko Kabasawa, Jodie Marriott, Luke Marriott, Henrik Flynn, Jasmine Leask, James O’Grady  (theory required)
Level 2 Leaders – Renae Saunders, Adam Popescu, Braydon Whale

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