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Member Newsletters – March 2013


If you’ve been into the dojo over the last week or so you are sure to have seen the March editions of the all the latest newsletters in your student mailbox.  But if you not, you can now download the online edition of the newsletters.

Please note – You’ll need to be logged in get view the newsletters.  Download links will only be visible after you have logged in.


Self Mastery Success Newsletter – General member news [ismember]- Download Now (PDF)[/ismember]

  • Dealing With Challenges
  • Student Success – Introducing the Australian team members
  • Black Belts In Training – David Strazzari & Keiko Kabasawa leading the way
  • 2013 Japan Training Scholarship – 2 weeks training with Soke Sensei for Jodie Marriott & Sensei Sandra
  • March Club Shop Special – Get ready for padded weapons training
  • March Club Shop Special – Private lesson packages
  • Monthly Referral Prize – Refer a new member in March to go in the draw to WIN
  • Upcoming Events – Gold Coast Tournament, Easter Family Day, QLD Camp & more
  • 2013 QLD Chito-Ryu Tournament Circuit
  • Welcome New Members
  • Happy Birthday…

Focus Newsletter – Technical training tips [ismember]- Download Now (PDF)[/ismember]

  • Developing Power – Unlocking the Natural Power in a More Healthy Way
  • Did You Know? – A Brief History of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do in Australia
  • Respect in the Dojo – Za rei (Seated bow)
  • Japanese in the Dojo
  • Technique Tips – Jodan Uke (Upper block)
  • The Dojo Environment – Understanding the dojo rules

Little Champions Newsletter – For our younger students & parents [ismember]- Download Now (PDF)[/ismember]

  • Grading Success – Congratulations Anthony Williams – Little Champion Black Stripe
  • Reminder – Using Progress Cards
  • Class Sizes – Find the best class for you. If you want more personalised attention, check out the smaller classes.
  • Transitioning From Little Champions Classes to Karate Kids Classes – What to do when you turn 8.
  • Monthly Challenges from Master Monkey and his friends

Achieve More Together – News for Dojo Leaders [ismember]- Download Now (PDF)[/ismember]

  • Supporting New Students Getting Started
  • Leadership Progress Cards
  • Leadership Gradings in 2013
  • Leader of the Month – James O’Grady
  • The Success Ladder
  • Attitude of a Champion
  • Calendar of Events – Leadership progress check, leadership training, leadership induction
  • Leadership Support
  • Accelerator Ideas Developed at February Leadership Training

No Excuses – News for Soke Cup team members [ismember]- Download Now(PDF)[/ismember]

  • 2010 Soke Cup Division Sizes
  • Kata Selection
  • Parent, Family & Supporters Attending the Soke Cup
  • Know The Rules
  • Soke Cup Updates From Heyton Sensei
  • Soke Cup History
  • Bonus Resources – Video Lessons – Shihohai, Seisan, Niseishi Dai (log-in required)
  • Staying Inspired
  • Upcoming Events – Squad training, tournaments, 2 week training intensive


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