Grading Success


Congratulations to all students stepping up for new grades on Saturday 5th December at Sunshine Coast Karate.

12th Kyu:  Sam Gilmour, William Gilmour, Ashton Bougoure,  Gabriel Devereux, Stanley Solomon, Euan Gray, Fallon Grieve, Nathan Baughan, Jack Glare, Jade Glare, Nicola Britchford, Braydon Whale, Hollie Thomas, Adam Gray, Jake Davis

11th Kyu:  Rhys Williams, Daisy Guy, Mitchell Williams, Elizabeth Britchford

10th Kyu:  Nick Dutton, Camellia Curreen, Robert Muellner, Nicholas Wiles, Bryce Harrison, Ethan Donovan, Selina Strazzari, Kimberley Porter, Anthony Gorman, Adam Amos

9th Kyu:  Matthew Thomson, George Britchford, Zoe Poulter

8th Kyu:  David Holzgrefe

7th Kyu:  Brodie Squires

3rd Kyu:  Alex Butner-Johnson, Tom Hurley

1st Kyu:  Jim Moehead

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