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Week 1: Getting Back into Life After Training Trip In Japan


I’m not one of those lucky people that find getting back into routine all that easy so I have to make an effort to deliberately keep some kind of structure even in my down time.  I allocated a week of rest after my time in Japan and I dare say I was finding myself asking Sensei Martin ‘has it been a week yet?’  Kind of like kids on a road trip asking mum and dad, “are we there yet?”.  It was great to rest but it was also great to focus on the basics of my training/life:  breathing, water/food intake, sleeping and basic body movement/stretching.

Whilst I rested I also reviewed and reflected on my experiences in Japan.  I typed up all of my study notes (training and personal development) and pulled together a training program (training + personal development) that I’ll work with for the next 4 weeks.

journalsJournal writing is a powerful process yet it takes a little discipline to make time for it each day.

I’ve had to be extra creative with my next training program so that I could also squeeze in my final preparation phase for my 2014 Adventure – An overnight 111km paddle of the Hawkesbury River.  I like to think of it as ‘Karate on the Water.’  As I get better with my paddling, I know that it will be a remarkable compliment to my karate training but the best part of all is the opportunity to enjoy nature.  For now, I’ll embrace being a beginner and learn to enjoy my paddling with an occasional swim.

Throughout this week I also undertook a bit of a spring clean at home and at the dojo.  I can’t say I enjoy cleaning, but I really enjoy filling my key environments with a little bit of TLC.  This process really helps me to give gratitude to all that I have to enjoy in my life.  I found myself doing this even whilst in Japan.  A ‘random act of kindness’ and sincere ‘gratitude’ goes a long way in fuelling you and those around you. When you do it consistently over a period of time you’ll soon experience the magic that it will add to your life.

I also had the pleasure of resuming my instructor responsibilities at Sunshine Coast Karate.  To be truthful I felt a little lost as an instructor as I was still reviewing and reflecting on all my training notes from my Japan trip.  Thankfully my teaching load was reduced due to school holidays.  I can’t wait to train with Sensei Martin and Sensei Adam soon. As this will really help me bring everything together in a way in which I feel more confident to share the many lessons I learned whilst in Japan.

One of the most special things this week was enjoying school holidays with my family.  Being away for two weeks has given me a greater appreciation of all of them and the joy they bring into my life.   It also made me realise how much I was loved and valued by my family.  I don’t know about you, but there is something special about feeling loved and valued.  It provides a powerful energy boost for you to channel into all things that are important to you.

 Quote for today:  “The key to a good life is simplicity, yet creating simplicity is so complex.” ~ Master Jin Kwon

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