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2015 Two Week Training Intensive


Classes at Sunshine Coast Karate resumed on Monday 5th January 2015 with a ‘2 Week Training Intensive.’  The Training Intensive is held annually (same time every year) and proves to be a great way for students to clear the cobwebs after Christmas/New Year break.

A big congratulations to Bailey Keefe.  Bailey participated in every class and followed it up with two beach training sessions and a swim on Saturday 17th January.

Special mention also to the following students who demonstrated great enthusiasm and commitment with their training throughout the period of our annual 2 Week Training Intensive.

Bailey Keefe (46 lessons)   [pictured above]
Savannah Perdikis  (22 lessons)  [pictured right]
Sami Phillips  (21 lessons)
Patrick Edwards  (10 lessons)
Lachlan Edwards  (10 lessons)
Tiahni Eley  (16 lessons)
Justin Otto  (13 lessons)

Congratulations once again to all students mentioned above.  We are very inspired by your commitment and effort and we look forward to working with you all further throughout 2015.

REMINDER:  For the month of January all students have had their programs upgraded to ‘UNLIMITED TRAINING’.  Enjoy your training everyone!!!

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