Grading Results


DSC_0012There has been a real buzz in the dojo so far in 2015.  Thank you to all students who are going the extra mile with their training this year and putting the runs on the board.

As a result of all the extra effort we now get to celebrate a number of students who were awarded new grades at the recent grading.  Congratulations to all students achieving new levels.

Grading Results

12th Kyu – Yellow Belt
  • Sonya Wright
  • Andrew Crocker
  • Tony Gush
  • Bradman Miller-Smith
  • Cooper Miller-Smith
DSC_001711th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)
  • Madeline Baker
  • Ruben Corr
  • Tristan Rusich
  • Robbie Warren
10th Kyu – Orange Belt
  • Star Freedom
  • Lily Ludbrook
  • Nicholas MacDonald
  • Kobe Marriott
9th Kyu – Green Belt (White Stripe)
  • Rosemarie Caston
  • Tiahni Eley
  • Gary Evans
8th Kyu – Green Belt
  • Jake Herden
  • Oliver Noble
  • Sam Phillips
7th Kyu – Blue Belt (White Stripe)
  • Justin Otto
  • David Probert
5th Kyu – Purple Belt (White Stripe)
  • Sam Hunt
1st Kyu – Brown Belt (Black Stripe)
  • Bailey Keefe


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