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Special Guest Instructor – Naoyuki Chitose Sensei (10-15 May)


Since the early 2000’s we have been fortunate to have had Soke Sensei visit the Sunshine Coast.  Soke Sensei is our Supreme International Head Instructor of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do.

And now, we will be welcoming Soke Sensei’s eldest son, Naoyuki Chitose Sensei for his first solo teaching visit to the Sunshine Coast.  Chitose Sensei has been studying Chito-Ryu Karate-do since childhood and has a wealth of knowledge and experience,10th – 15th May.

It is our hope that all students and families will be able to celebrate Chitose Sensei’s first solo visit to the Sunshine Coast by being a part of all training and social events on offer throughout his stay.


From left to right:  Naoyuki Chitose Sensei, Sandra Sensei, Helen Sensei, Goshi Chitose

Training Schedule & Welcome Party

Sunday 10th May  Welcome Party at Cotton Tree Park (from 1:00pm).  An opportunity to meet Chitose Sensei socially, outside of the dojo.  BYO BBQ/snacks.  Please also bring along any games (cricket, soccer etc) that you may like to enjoy.

Monday 11th May – Thursday 14th May  Training as usual.
Chitose Sensei will be asked to attend all regular classes at Maroochydore dojo (morning, day and afternoon/evening) so that all students have the opportunity to train with him.

Friday 15th May  Senior training (Brown & Black Belts only)
9:00am – 1:00pm  Seniors are advised to bring meals
3:45 – 4:25pm  Little Champions’
4:30 -5:10pm  Karate Kids
No Squad Training due to QLD camp.
Seniors encouraged to participate in the regular classes at the Maroochydore Dojo prior to going to the Currimundi Camp.


A photo taken at the end of one of Chitose Sensei’s classes in 2014. Chitose Sensei is in the middle row Chitose Sensei’s wife Yuko is pictured next to him.  Chitose Sensei’s youngest daughter Reika is in the front row, far right.

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