July Grading Results


Congratulations to all Sunshine Coast students who passed gradings today, Saturday 18th July.  It was wonderful to see so many people stepping up for gradings so well prepared.  As a result we are pleased to say that everyone passed today.

Normally it’s not the case that everyone passes gradings.  If you’re not well prepared or if you don’t perform on the day, it’s safe to expect that you will not pass your grading.  But today, that certainly was not the case.  In fact, today there were quite a few people who moved up the ranks more than one step.  And a few at the higher levels too, which is quite rare normally.  But if people are putting in the work we’re not going to hold them back.

These former Little Champions moving up a few levels for their first grading in our karate kids program:

  • Jake Fisher (11th Kyu)
  • Patrick Edwards (9th Kyu)

And a big congratulations to these students who double graded today:

  • Kate Killion (10th Kyu)
  • Richard Garnett (9th Kyu)
  • Tracey Eley (7th Kyu)
  • Tiahni Eley (7th Kyu)
  • Jack Graham (2nd Kyu)

And a special mention to Sam Hunt, triple grading to 2nd Kyu.


Tiahni & Tracey Eley, showing off their new belts after double grading.

But not everyone double or triple graded, the majority moving up one step.  Here’s a full listing of grading results from today’s grading.

12th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Cooper Darling, Jesse Goulter, Aimee Gush, Peitra Gush, Reya Hand, Aabid Hassen, Isabella Kearney

11th Kyu (Orange Belt, White Stripe)
Jake Fisher, Isabella Gray

10th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Emmett Furner, Jamie Warren, Kate Killion

9th Kyu (Green Belt, White Stripe)
Patrick Edwards, Richard Garnett, Jakob Nicholls

7th Kyu (Blue Belt, White Stripe)
Tiahni Eley, Tracey Eley, Gary Evans, Oliver Noble, Sam Phillips

6th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Rodney Jones, Justin Otto

4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
Luke Marriott

2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)
Keanu Caston, Jack Graham, Sam Hunt


Jack Graham showing off his new after double grading to brown belt.


Luke Marriott showing off his new purple belt.

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