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Grading Results – 21st November 2015


Congratulations to all students who graded last weekend.  Great to see lots of students finishing the year on a high with new colours.

Pacific Paradise Dojo

12th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Ethan Whittaker

11th Kyu (Orange Belt, White Stripe)
William Buckland

9th Kyu (Green Belt, White Stripe)
Kate Killion

Maroochydore Dojo

12th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Josh Bell, Faye Ennis, Luca Kamarinos, James Kapolos, Mary Pearson, Sam Thomas, Dylan Woods

11th Kyu (Orange Belt, White Stripe)
Niveke Edwards, Zoe Kamarinos, Isabella Kearney, Lily Schultz

10th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Caelan Dean-Meredith
Halea Eggmolesse, Jake Fisher, Faith Hardy, Miguel Hardy, Aabid Hassen, Michelle Pearson

9th Kyu (Green Belt, White Stripe)
Josephine Pearson, Van Topham

8th Kyu (Green Belt)
Andrew Crocker, Amber Edwards, Johan Frank, Sonya Wright
7th Kyu (Blue Belt, White Stripe)
Rosemarie Caston, Jake Herden, Dylan McKeown, Paul Murray, Zac Ryan

6th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Sam Phillips

5th Kyu (Purple Belt, White Stripe)
Viv Dumoulin, Gary Evans

3rd Kyu (Brown Belt, White Stripe)
Nathan Eley, Luke Marriott

2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)
Selina Strazzari

1st Kyu (Brown Belt, Black Stripe)
Renae Saunders, Sam Hunt


A photo of some of the students who successfully graded.

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