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New 2016 Training Schedule (Commences 25th January)


Training has already started for the new year, but while it’s still school holidays, we’re operating on an adjusted training schedule.  By the time school starts again we’ll be back into full swing, so to keep up with all the new students who starting coming into the dojo around this time of year, plus all of our existing members of course, we’ve decided to shake up the timetable a little.

The new 2016 Maroochydore dojo training schedule will take effect from 25th January 2016.

The changes coming into effect will extend the length of karate kids classes.  Plus there will be extension classes for intermediate & advanced karate kids Monday & Wednesday.  Also, the length of the evening adult classes will also be extended.  The extended class time for adults means a bit of an earlier start time.  If the earlier start time makes it difficult to get there in time for the start after work, please still get there when you can.  Of course it’s always best to be there for the full class, but if the alternative is to not be there at all, it’s OK to be late.

Classes will recommence at Pacific Paradise dojo from:  Friday 29th February 2016.  The Pacific Paradise dojo is still relatively new and classes are small, so if you have friends or family in that part of the Sunshine Coast, it’s a great opportunity to get in the dojo and get lots of attention.

Also, just a reminder:  There will be no classes on the Australia Day public holiday, Tuesday 26th January.


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