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Grading Schedule – Saturday 16th April


Good luck to all students grading at this weekend’s grading, Saturday 16th April 2016.


For student’s who are currently 9th Kyu (Green Belt) and above, please be sure to have your kumite protective equipment with you:  gloves, shin/insteps, mouth guard, groin guard.

Please note, the times below apply to your current rank.  Also, the order of groups is a little different than normal as a few students have notified us that they need to get away to other commitments.  Please aim to be at the dojo approximately 10-15 before your scheduled start time.

Group 1 (6th Kyu, Blue Belt) – 9:00am start
Group 2 (White Belt, Little Champions & 12th Kyu, Yellow Belt) – 9:20am start
Group 3 (11th-10th Kyu, Orange Belt) – 10:45am start
Group 4 (9th-7th Kyu, Green Belt White Stripe – Blue Belt white Stripe) – 11:15am start
Group 5 (5th Kyu & above, Purple Belt – Black Belt) – 12:00pm start

A full list of attendees will be posted on the dojo noticeboard.  If you are not grading this time you are welcome to come and support your fellow classmates.  Next grading after this one will be:  Saturday, 25th June 2016.

Once again good luck to everyone who is stepping up.

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