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Special Guest Instructor – Mitchell German Sensei


We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a special guest instructor for a week, 10-16 September, Mitchell German Sensei from Halifax, Canada.  After this year’s Soke Cup was cancelled due to the devastating earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan in April, our local association decided to fund a guest instructor from North America and bring a small part of the international Chito-Ryu community to the Sunshine Coast to for all members to enjoy.


German Sensei is one of the most senior ranked practitioners of the International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation outside of Japan and has had a very successful tournament career for many years, both as a competitor and a coach for many years, both in Chito-Ryu and in the WKF.

Here’s a short biography of German Sensei’s achievements in the dojo.

  • Practicing Chito Ryu karate for over 35 years
  • Chief Instructor Halifax Ryuseikan since 2005
  • 6th degree black belt and the rank of Renshi
  • Former WKF Canadian National Kumite Champion (-80 kg) and Canadian National Team member (1998-2001)
  • 6 time Chito-ryu Soke cup world champion: 3 time Kumite (1995, 2010, 2013), 1 time team kumite (2013), 1 time Henshuho competition (1995), 1 time kata (2013)
  • Current Soke Cup Champion
  • Kakedemeshi (Chito-ryu) kumite champion (2008)
  • Nova Scotia Karate Team (WKF) head coach 2001 – present
  • Canada National Team Coach (WKF) 2002-2008
  • 3 time Karate Canada Coach of the Year

As you can see, he’s lead quite an impressive karate career so far, so I’m sure that there will be lots to learn, so be sure to block away those dates, 10-16 September.  He will be at all regular classes throughout the week, plus we’ll be running a special weekend seminar, open to all members, Saturday 10th September (more details to follow soon).

2013 Men’s Soke Cup Champion, Hong Kong



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