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Want To Learn From The True Master Of Karate?


Just One Lesson With Soke Sensei Can Have A Profound Impact On Your Life, Not To Mention Your Journey To Black Belt & Beyond!

Dear Members,

The Supreme Instructor of the Chito-Ryu system of Karate-do, Soke Sensei, is without a doubt, the most incredible martial artist I have met. And having been around the martial arts for over 25 years I am still amazed and humbled by his profound depth of knowledge and his amazing ability to apply that knowledge.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of training with Soke Sensei since his first visit to Australia back in 1987 and the many trips that he’s since had to Australia. I have also had several trips to Japan to train with him, including nearly a full year where I trained full-time as a live-in student of Soke Sensei at the Chito-Ryu International Headquarters in Kumamoto Japan. Of course this was many years ago, before I moved to the Sunshine Coast, when I was much younger.

Here’s some great news, you don’t have to go to Japan! Soke Sensei is coming to the Sunshine Coast, NEXT WEEK! And here’s what we’ve got planned for you:

  • Full day training seminar with Soke Sensei (open to all ages and levels)
      • Sunday, 14th March, 9am – 5pm @ Palmwoods Memorial Hall.
        Doors will be open from 8.45am, training will commence at 9am sharp.
      • Training will be broken into various sessions throughout the day.
        BYO lunch or the shops will be open across the road.
  • Another full day training seminar with Soke Sensei for instructors and senior members (1st kyu and black belt only).
      • Saturday, 13th March, 9am – 5pm @ Maroochydore Dojo.
  • 4 nights of regular classes in the dojo with Soke Sensei.
      • Friday, 12th March @ Maroochydore Dojo.
      • Monday, 15th March @ Maroochydore Dojo.
      • Tuesday, 16th March – @ Maroochydore Dojo. Slightly adjusted schedule.
        6.15-7.10pm – Teens & Adults class (all levels)
      • Wednesday, 17th March – @ Maroochydore Dojo. Slightly adjusted schedule.
        5.30-6.10pm – Intermediate kids class (green belt and above)
  • Your chance to ask Soke Sensei any questions you want with the help of a professional Japanese translator.
      • One of our local karate Mums Keiko, is a native Japanese speaker and worked as a professional translator for several years in Japan. We have personally been getting Japanese lessons with Keiko for a while now, and Keiko has agreed to help us make this incredible experience with Soke Sensei even better.

        During Soke Sensei’s visit, we plan to record an interview with Soke Sensei and the help of Keiko, to ask all the questions that we don’t normally get to ask due to our limited Japanese skills. We’ve got some great questions that we want to ask, but we encourage you to pass on your questions, and we’ll do the best we can to fit them in as well. Email would be the best way to get the questions to us, so that we have a written record.

        This interview will be done outside of class time, but we will make the recordings available to members who want a copy.

  • And one last thing, you can join Soke Sensei for open seminar on the Gold Coast and evening classes for 2 nights.
      • Thursday, 18th March – Evening classes @ Gold Coast Dojo, Asmore.
        Dojo address – 5/14 Harper St, Ashmore.
        More info go to: gckarate.ning.com
      • Friday, 19th March – Evening classes @ Gold Coast Dojo, Ashmore.
      • Saturday, 20th March – Open training seminar (all ages and levels)
        6.30am – 12.30pm @ Trinity Lutheran Primay School Hall, Cotlew St, Ahmore
        Please note early start and early finish is due to travel arrangements for Soke Sensei to fly to Sydney for more seminars and training the following week. Even if you cannot make the early start, do the best to get to as much as possible.

And the best part, all of this is absolutely FREE for members!

So if you’re serious about your training, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to train with Soke Sensei.

I know that I’m looking forward to it. I’ll see you in the dojo.


Martin Phillips

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