Grading Results – August 2016


Congratulations to all students who passed gradings on Saturday, 27th August.  As always, it’s great to see students stepping up to next levels.  It was only a relatively small grading this time around, which means next one is likely to be a big one.  A special mention to the students who double graded, who have been working very hard in the dojo showing considerable growth as a result of consistent effort and hard work.

12th Kyu – Yellow Belt

  • Abby Kerrison
  • Emily Lucas
  • Jason Madge

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)

  • Samantha Beaton
  • Lachlan Davies ** Double grading **
  • Casey Grima
  • Daniel Meloncelli
  • Scott Roberts
  • Emily Roles
  • Madeline Smith

10th Kyu – Orange Belt

  • Jasmine Caston
  • Frazer Evett
  • Kaden Fisher
  • Jay O’Pray
  • Steven Phillips ** Double grading **
  • Grace Saron ** Double grading **
  • Jade Schriever
  • Ayla Schultz

8th Kyu – Green Belt

  • Faith Hardy

7th Kyu – Blue Belt (White Stripe)

  • Johan Frank

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt (White Stripe)

  • Sam Phillips ** Double grading **


Jay & Jade awaiting their turn for grading

Belts & grading certificates will be presented in class next week to all students who successfully graded.

There are just two more kyu grading opportunities this year, if you didn’t grade this time and you have your goals set on grading again this year be sure to continue to train consistently and work hard.  Dates for the last two gradings are:  15 October & 3 December.

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