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A very productive leadership training session with some great leaders.  Thank you to all leaders in attendance.

Below is a quick snap shot of one of our leadership activities.

The Obstacle Course Challenge
1.  PREPARATION: Leaders worked in teams to create obstacle courses designed for set age groups with a variety of learning goals. Consideration to quick set up and pack up, student safety and how to best utilise leadership team members throughout the course.

2.  PRESENTING: Leaders also had the opportunity to present their course whilst being mindful of getting a good mix of both “explanation” and “demonstration”. The biggest challenge though was to deliver their message in an exciting way to get their students eager to have a go.

3. PLAYING: Once leaders had their students up and running it was time to oversee the smooth flow of their course, support each other and connect with their students.

November Leadership Gradings
Congratulations to the following leaders who achieved new levels this week. Matai Doughty, Matt Stevenson, Chloe Crocker, Bailey Keefe and Charlie Robinson.

We managed to capture a couple of photos at Leadership Training.  You can check them out at our Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Page.

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