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Kyu Grading Results – 3rd December


Congratulations to all students who successfully graded at the final kyu grading of the year.  As always it’s great to see students progressing to the next level.  Some students move faster, some move slower, but everyone progresses in the time that’s right for them.

A special mention to two of our new adult students who progressed more than one step.  It’s quite clear that they have been working hard not only in class, but also at home.  Richard Krausz who double graded to 11th kyu and Edwin Cuellar who triple graded to 10th kyu.

Belt and certificate presentations will be in class this week, so hopefully we’ll get to update this blog post with a few photos.

12th Kyu – Yellow Belt

  • Liam Allen
  • Katja Baarslag
  • Cameron Grima
  • Abigail Robb
  • Noah Smith
  • Sean Wardell

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)

  • Abby Kerrison
  • Richard Krausz
  • Emily Lucas
  • Erika Pikturnaite
  • Phoenix Rusich

10th Kyu – Orange Belt

  • Holly Crocker
  • Edwin Cuellar
  • Daniel Meloncelli
  • Scott Roberts
  • Madeline Smith
  • Irena Sprey

9th Kyu – Green Belt (White Stripe)

  • Frazer Evett
  • Steven Phillips

8th Kyu – Green Belt

  • William Baarslag

7th Kyu – Blue Belt (White Stripe)

  • Faith Hardy

6th Kyu – Blue Belt

  • Ronald Burgess
  • Matai Doughty
  • Patrick Edwards

4th Kyu – Purple Belt

  • Charles Robinson
  • Anthony Williams

For those who were not quite ready this time around, the next grading won’t be far away so keep working hard.  Dates are not yet set for next year, but the next grading will probably be around the end of February.  Until then, we’ll see you in the dojo.

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