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If you’re the kind of person that loves karate and likes to save money, we’ve got something new to share with you. This is the first time we’ve ever done something like this, and we’re kind of excited about it, but we’re only going to offer 20 places, you’ll have to be quick.

These VIP memberships will only be on sale throughout the month for January on a first come first served basis, until sold out. If you claim one, your VIP membership will be valid for a period of 4 months (January – April). Here’s a list of benefits you will get:

  • SAVE 20% off any item in the club shop. If there’s a sale, you get 20% off the sale price.
  • SAVE 50% off private lessons. Normally $40 per half hour, now just $20.
  • SAVE 50% off any workshops or seminars throughout your VIP membership period.
  • FREE access to 3 x VIP workshops – monthly 1 hour workshops (February, March & April).

Just to help you calculate how much you might be able to save, here are some of the workshops we’ve got planned. Remember, this is just one area, you can save…

  • Weapons training, 10 weeks, (blue belt & above). Cost $100. SAVE $50
  • Back to basics workshop, 2 hour workshop. Cost $30. SAVE $15
  • Brown & black belt seminar. 3 hours. Cost $20. SAVE $10
  • Kids Easter school holiday program. 5 Days, 3 hours per day. Cost $80. SAVE $40

So… How much does it cost to claim a VIP membership?

Just $70. But remember, there are only 20 places available, so if you’re interested, don’t think about it too long. Only available until 31st January or until sold out.

If you’re interested, email Sensei Martin.

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