Class Allocations For 2017


For some time now, we’ve been wanting to implement a class booking system in order to avoid over crowded classes. While it’s great to have big classes sometimes, we also want to give all of our members the attention that they deserve. With this in mind, as of Sat 28 January, you will need to book in for regular classes.

It’s great that so many of our classses are so popular, but we don’t want it to get out of hand and end up like this…

For your convenience here is a link to the booking form, if you haven’t already found your copy in your dojo mailbox.  Download the class booking sheet (PDF) and return to the dojo as soon as possible to lock in your classes for 2017.

Some of the classes are already starting to fill up quickly, so if you want to get in for a specific day, please be sure to return your form as soon as possible.  That way, you don’t miss out on your preferred classes.

There have been quite a few questions about this new system, so I’d like to quickly answer them now, just in case you’ve got the same question. Of course, if you have any other questions, please send us an email or catch us at the dojo.

Q – Do I have to book in for regular classes?

Yes, starting from Sat, 28 Jan you will need to book in.

Q – If I miss my regular class for some reason, should I just be able to turn up to another class?

No, we ask that you call ahead and book a make up class.  If everyone just turns up at another time when they miss one of their regular classes, we’ll end up with the same problem.  Also, as a matter of courtesy it would be greatly appreciated if you can let us know if you cannot attend one of your regular classes, especially if it’s a busy classes, this can free up a few extra places for other people to do make up lessons if required.

Q – If I’m doing unlimited classes can I just book in to every available class, just in case I feel like turning up sometimes?

No, as a matter of courtesy, please just book into the regular classes that you intend to attend.  If your schedule allows, you can always call ahead and add an extra class, if there is space.  If you have booked in for a regular class but consistently do not show up, you may lose your place in that class if it is required by someone on a waiting list for that class.

Q – Do the intermediate kids extension classes count as extra classes?

No, if you’re a karate kid, green belt or above, it is only counted as one class if you train in the general kids class and continue on for the extension class immediately after.  That’s the whole point of the extension class, we want you to train at your level.

Q – My work shifts change from week to week, so I might need to change classes often, do I still need to book in?

Yes, please book in for the class(es) that you expect to be able to attend most often.  If you need to change from week to week, please call ahead and book a make up class.  We have a few make up class places available in every time slot for this purpose.

Q – If I know that I’m not going to be able to make it in for a class, do I need to call ahead?

Yes, that would be appreciated.

As this is a new system for us, there are bound to be a few little teething problems, but we figured this is the best time of year to get things started.  Please help us make it a smooth start by communicating with dojo staff if you have any questions or problems.

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