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5th Annual Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Championships


I have been meaning to get these results up for a while now, finally here they are, results and photos.

2008 Sunshine Coast Tournament Results.


Mike Noonan Shihan helping his son Ken prepare for demonstration match

I am sure that everyone who was invovled would agree with me in saying that this was the best Sunshine Coast tournament yet!  The standard of competition is improving every year as too is the standard of refereeing.  We were back to Kawana Waters High School, which is the best venue we have had over the years, lots of space for warm up marshalling, 2 competition rings and spectators.

There was a very high level of involvement from parents and members as volunteers to help make the day run so smoothly.  Ryan, on of our new adult members did a fantastic job as MC for the day, we can see why he works in radio.

Although the number of entries were down a bit from interstate due to the increased number of tournaments on the national circuit, there was very good support from Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast dojos by way of competitors.  Be sure to take a bit of time to browse the photos, and thank you to Tori Richards who took most of these photos.

Many members are now working hard preparing for the first annual Gold Coast Cup coming up next month which is also sure to be a great even with Adam Higgins Sensei and the Gold Coast team working hard in preparation for the event.

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