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In-House Tournament – Friday 24th February


Tournaments are a great way to put yourself to the test and grow your skills.  This year our local association will be hosting 2 major tournaments open to Chito-Ryu students from throughout QLD and NSW:  2nd April & 11th June.  In the lead up to these events we will be running a few smaller in-house events open just to our members.  On these days it is our intention to give students who have never competed before an opportunity to get a feel for what tournaments are all about in the familiar setting of the dojo.

Our first in-house tournament is coming up very soon:  Friday, 24th February.  If there are a large number of entries, it may even continue on to the following Friday, 3rd March.  Once all of the entries are in, we’ll notify all participants when they will be competing.

Who can compete?
The in-house tournaments are open to all members, of any rank or age.  Even if you’ve only been training for a few months, you can participate.  Divisions will be broken up by age, rank & gender, so you will only be competing against other members of a similar ability.

What do you do in tournaments?
In the in-house tournaments there are 3 different types of events.  Kata, kumite tag & kumite.

Kata – Individual performance
Everyone can enter this event.  For beginners and Little Champions, you can even do it with a leader if you’re not so confident to do it on your own just yet.  There will be various divisions based on age and rank.

Kumite Tag – Non-contact sparring game
This is a special sparring game that we invented.  To score points you need to remove a tag from your opponent’s vest, a little bit like OzTag.  This event is only open to little champions & beginner kids up to the age of 13 years.  This is an introductory event, to help encourage students to develop basic kumite (sparring) skills without the fear of potentially getting hit.  Even though this is a non-contact event, all competitors must have a mouth guard, in case of accidental contact.

Kumite – Sparring
In Chito-Ryu, we practice kumite (sparring) with protective equipment:  body gear, head gear (for seniors O/14 yrs), gloves, shin/instep.  Controlled contact is allowed, because we want competitors to have a sense of realism with their sparring, rather than just a game of tag.  We encourage only students who have practiced kumite in class to compete, because a bit of skill is involved.  If you want to do kumite in the in-house tournament, you will need to have your own personal protective equipment:  gloves, shin/instep protectors, mouth guard, groin guard (male).  Body gear and head gear will be supplied if you do not have your own.

Entry Forms
Get your entry form from the dojo or you can download your In-house tournament entry form (Feb 2017).

Entries close:  Friday, 17th February.

Throughout the next few weeks in class, we’ll be continuing to do more practice in preparation for this in-house tournament in nearly all classes.  If you’ve got any questions, please be sure to speak to instructors.

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