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February Grading Results (Updated)


Congratulations to all students who successfully graded on the weekend (Sat, 25th February).  As always it’s great to see students moving up through the levels.  Although it was a small grading this time around, which is not unusual at this time of the year, most of those who stepped up set a particularly high standard this time around.

In particular there were a few students who progressed more than one level (noted below).  The work that they have been doing at home and at the dojo is definitely starting to pay off.

12th Kyu – Yellow Belt

  • Marco Strano
  • Mikele Strano

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)

  • Jasper Wiseman
  • Miyuki Power ** Double grading

10th Kyu – Orange Belt

  • Lachlan Edwards ** Triple grading (from Little Champions Program)
  • Jason Madge
  • Torsten Sprey ** Double grading

9th Kyu – Green Belt (White Stripe)

  • Edwin Cuellar
  • Lachlan Davies ** Double grading
  • Zac Evett
  • Jay OPray

8th Kyu – Green

  • Frazer Evett

7th Kyu – Blue Belt (White Stripe)

  • Cooper Darling
  • Steven Phillips ** Double grading

6th Kyu – Blue Belt

  • Lily Ludbrook

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt (White Stripe)

  • Savannah Perdikis

2nd Kyu – Brown Belt

  • Sam Phillips

A few action shots from the grading day.

And a few certificate presentation photos from classes, during the week after the grading.

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