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In House Tournament Results – 24th February


Congratulations to everyone who stepped up to compete in our in-house tournament last Friday.  Great to see such a high standard in both kata and kumite, also great to see our beginners jumping in to try the kumite tag event.  Due to the large number of entries, the in-house tournament will be continuing this Friday night during squad training times.

Also a big thank you to the seniors who helped referee and the parents who helped with table official duties.  Without your help, we cannot run these kind of events.

The results so far…

Beginner Kata:  Little Champions & White – 11th Kyu

  1. Noah Smith
  2. Jessica Hobbs
  3. Katja Baarslag

Intermediate Kata:  10th kyu – 5th kyu

  1. Faith Hardy
  2. Rosemarie Caston
  3. Dylan Woods

Kumite Tag

  1. Flynn Jordan
  2. Katja Baarslag
  3. Noah Smith

Girls Kumite 11-12 Yrs

  1. Savannah Perdikis
  2. Sam Phillips
  3. Faith Hardy

Ladies Kumite

  1. Renae Saunders
  2. Klaudia Caston

Men’s Kumite

  1. Jack Graham
  2. Keanu Caston
  3. Frazer Evett

Events to be completed next Friday, 3rd March.

  • Mixed Kumite 8-10 Yrs
  • Boys Kumite 12-13 Yrs
  • Advanced Kata: 4th Kyu – Black Belt

If you didn’t get a chance to compete this time around, don’t worry, we have our first inter-dojo tournament very soon.  This will be our first major tournament of the year and will be held at the Millwell Road Community Centre in Maroochydore, Sunday, 2nd April 2017.Entries close:  Friday 24th March.  At this tournament, trophies will be awarded for the top 3 places in all divisions and there are events for all ages and level:  individual kata, team kata & individual kumite.

If you’ve never competed before, individual & team kata are a great way to get started.  For team kata, all you need to do is form a team of 3 people and started practicing.  So grab a couple of your training buddies and get started.

Entry forms for our April Sunshine Coast Tournament are available from the dojo or you can download from the association website.  Download your entry form now – Sunshine Coast Tournament (2 April 2017) – entry form (PDF).

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