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Demonstration of Bassai with Sai


Recently we had the pleasure of having Bill Ker Sensei visit for a few days and teach a little bit.  For those who do not know Ker Sensei, he was the Honbucho (Chief Instructor) of Austrlian Chito-Ryu for a number of years prior to his retirement.  During his active years, Ker Sensei graded to the level of 4th Dan, Shihan and taught at Chito-Ryu’s Botany Dojo, in Sydeny NSW for many years.

In recent years, Ker Sensei moved to Bundaberg, where he continues his own personal training several times a week and teaches self defence.  His many years of training have served him well to maintain his fitness and a state of mental focus that most 70 year olds would be very happy to have.

Although Ker Sensei does not actively teach Chito-Ryu we still see him at special events and tournaments and his son Shane Ker Sensei teaches Chito-Ryu in Sydney’s Kogarah Bay.

The following video was a demonstration of Bassai with Sai at the Sydney regional Chito-Ryu tournament in May 2008.  Unfortunately, the first part of the demonstration was not recorded, but most of it is there.

On Ker Sensei’s recent visit, Sandra Sensei spent a few days learning sai from Ker Sensei, which she thoroughly enjoyed and looks forward to sharing with seniors in the dojo once she has practiced a bit more.

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