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Young Leaders Having A Positive Impact At SCK!


At SCK we are fortunate to have a growing leadership team that volunteers their time to help students of a more junior rank than themselves.  This program is life-changing for both students and leaders as they work together to create a brighter, happier and more successful life as individuals and as a part of a team.  Yes, life can be a whole lot of FUN and accompanied by much success.  Our leaders pave the way for our junior ranking students to a fuller experience at SCK.

Already in 2018, members of our SCK Leadership Team are having a positive impact on our junior ranking students demonstrating great commitment, enthusiasm and focus.  With the right balance of “Fun and Focus”, SCK students are setting themselves up for  a powerful and productive year in the dojo, one lesson at a time.  We are extremely proud of all members of our leadership team and grateful for their contribution of time, effort and smiles at SCK.

The success of this program in recent years will now see us expanding our SCK Leadership Team throughout 2018.  Not only will this program support our junior ranking students just getting started out on their training journey at SCK, it is guaranteed to stretch and expand our young leaders to greater heights in their studies in both life and in the dojo.

A big thank you to all our SCK Leadership Team members who continue to give their time generously and inspire all of us to achieve more in our lives.

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