Back To School Message


A message for our treasured Little Champions and Karate Kids that are starting or recommencing school in 2018.

Going back to school can be both exciting and scary all at the same time….
… Stand tall, breathe and share a smile, “you’ve got this, you are enough!”
And, know that  we believe in you.

Your greatest qualities may not fit into your back pack, but they are always with you and getting stronger the more you exercise them.
… Stand tall, breathe and share a smile, and say “I’ve got this, I am enough!”
And, know that we believe in you.

Every karate class that we do, we are strengthening from the inside out.  We are exercising our qualities (Muscles 4 Life), sometimes deliberately and sometimes without really knowing.  Things like focus, self-discipline, respect, confidence, courage, determination, endurance, patience, respect, gratitude, contribution, creativity, your ability to have “FUN”, team work and a whole lot more.
…. Stand tall, breathe and allow yourself to smile bigger, “YOU KNOW YOU’VE GOT THIS, YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU CAN DO IT.”
And, Know that we believe in you.

And the most amazing thing of all… Each time you exercise these your “Muscles 4 Life” they keep getting stronger and stronger.  It’s like sharpening your pencil each day at school before you start your work but you sharpen your mind, body and emotions to get the most out of your day.


So, in 2018 remember:
1.  You have all that you need to make 2018 your best year yet. Exercise your “Muscles 4 Life”.  Feel yourself growing more confident with each day.
...Stand tall, breathe deeply and smile from ear to ear, “YOU REALLY DO HAVE THIS, YOU REALLY ARE ENOUGH and YOU WILL DO IT.”  

2.  Share this message with mum, dad and those special to you.  They too have “Muscles 4 Life” and although they might not go to school they can still exercise their “Muscles 4 Life” in their chosen areas of life.

“Alone We Can Do So Much, But Together We Can Do So Much More.”


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