SCK Sign on Day Success!!


Our 2018 Sign on Day may have come and gone, but the memories created will be remembered for a long time to come.  If we were to sum up this event in a few words we would have to include, “community”, “team work”, “friendship”, “fun”, “inspirational”, “family”.

A huge thank you to everyone that came along to support this event.  Without you here, it wouldn’t have been the same.

Reflecting on a Great Experience
Training started bright and early for our seniors on Saturday morning, followed by a BBQ breakfast, meetings and a little chill time before welcoming students to our Sign on Day.

Our seniors were instrumental throughout the morning leading by example, inspiring all students (members and guests) and sharing some spectacular demonstrations.

Gerard and Nikki came along bright and early to take care of breakfast for our seniors.  Gerard and Nikki were later joined by Leanne, Charlotte and Bec.  Our BBQ Team kept up with the morning rush in style.  Husband and wife team, Gerard and Leanne always do an amazing job organising BBQ’s and are great team leaders for those that step up to help out.

And then, we have our “ladies in red” at the front desk, Debbie, Rosemarie and Karren.  These ladies were run off their feet all morning welcoming members and guest to the dojo.   I can’t remember the dojo ever being so busy, but they took it in their stride and worked together beautifully to take care of everyone.

Little Champions Class
We kicked off our Little Champions with a belt presentation for Charlie.  Charlie is a hard working student who always gives 100%.  It was great that she was able to celebrate her achievement with a much bigger audience than normal and inspire our new students trialling classes for the first time.

Our Little Champions were lead by Sensei Martin for this session and every student had a senior student/leader to train along side of for the session.  We were extremely impressed by the manners and focus of all of students in this class and very grateful for the support of our seniors and leadership team members who allowed us to provide a more personalised training experience for everyone.

You can visit our SCK Facebook Page to view almost 100 Photos taken throughout this session, including photos taken with seniors and demonstration photos.

Karate Kids Class
Our karate kids class was jam packed and loaded with fun.  Our leaders did an amazing job in this class inspiring all of our young karate kids.  Leadership team members took the time to connect with students, train along side of them and offer a few pointers along the way.  And, some students received personalised attention from some of our leaders.

We have quite a few photos of this class as well shared on our SCK Facebook Page.  Not only do we have photos of the training session but there are also photos of:  seniors with new students, family group photos and demonstration photos.

Below is a picture of one of our new families.  Annie is an amazing mum being a great example for her kids, James and Lily.  Annie not only trains along side of her kids (both Little Champions Class and Karate Kids Class), she also backs it up with training for herself in the adult classes.  Way to go Annie!!!

And here is Peter with his son Ethan.  Peter has practiced martial arts previously but is enjoying the challenge of learning a new system, Chito-Ryu Karate-Do.  Peter trains with his son in the karate kids class.  I can’t wait to see them both challenging for their yellow belt in the near future.

Father and son teams who have been at their training for a little while now.  Ron & Jackson, David & Daniel.  Ron and David also have other children training but we didn’t get them all together this time.  Both Ron and David train with their children in the Little Champions and Karate Kids Classes from time to time and keep up with their own training in the adult classes.

Below we have brothers, Jamie and Robbie.  They have both come along way with their training since starting and it is great to see them come together supporting each other and growing together.  Robbie is currently preparing for his next belt and Jamie has been lifting the bar for everyone in our SCK Leadership Program.

Teens & Adults
Only a few people trialling this class at the Sign on Day but a highly productive training session.  Our senior belts shared some valuable insight for all of our new students and junior level students and helped us wrap up a very successful Sign on day.  They also inspired us with more great demonstrations.

Photos taken in this session are now available at SCK Facebook Page.

Below is a picture of Terry and Rika.  Both are nearing green belt/white stripe.  They both train consistently every week and are a great example of commitment, consistency and great effort.  Their training attitude is exceptional and lifts everyone who trains along side of them.

Below is a picture of Bailey and James.   James has moved to Brisbane to study at Uni, but does visit the dojo as he can to catch up.  Throughout this session we gave James a chance to train along side of Bailey.  Bailey is an inspirational and dedicated young man when it comes to his karate training and the perfect person to challenge James for a class.

Below is a moment captured of some of the senior belts performing for our teens/adult class.  In the background you can see Senpai Jack, Senpai Keanu and Senpai Matt. In the front we have our young adults Renae and Selina.  Both Renae and Selina have black belt in their sights in 2018.

At the end of a long day, Rosemarie and Debbie are able to share a smile with us as they stay back to wrap up their work at the front desk.  An amazing effort ladies!!!
The final wrap up for the day was select winner’s of our Sign on Day Competitions and present prizes for those who were there.

Members Prize: 
$100 Club shop Gift Voucher goes to Anthony Williams
Pum’s Kitchen (Homestyle Thai Food, at Big Top Shopping Centre) for 2 x Meal Vouchers go to Klaudia Caston and Ron Burgess (Alani)

Colouring in Competition:
And the winner is,  Tessa Nielsen  winning a $30 Gift Card.  Below is Tessa’s artwork.

Congratulations to all of our winner’s of our Sign on Day competitions and thank you to everyone entering these competitions.

Until next time, from the team at SCK we thank you for joining us for our 2018 Sign on Day.  It has been am amazing adventure these last couple of weeks and we look forward to welcoming all new members into the dojo next week to begin their training at SCK.

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