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A Time For Family & Fun – Easter Picnic & Family Training Day


This year’s Easter family picnic and training day was a great day.  After several weeks of rain, the weather was mostly fine and the rain held off.  It’s always great to see the dojo community come together for these special social events.  These events are organised by our local association as an opportunity for our members to come together outside of the dojo and enjoy the Sunshine Coast.

As the dojo membership has grown to over 200 members and training is spread across nearly 30 classes per week, a lot of our members just don’t get to even meet each other, let alone train together.  So, days like this are really important for us to celebrate the diversity of our members and it’s a great chance for us to get to spend some time with other family members and parents who may not get into the dojo themselves (yet).

The day started off with training in the park, with our young brown & black belts leading the groups for the first half of training:  Bailey, Sami, Savannah & Anthony.  Although Bailey the oldest amongst our young leaders is the only one who’s even a teenager yet.  They’re all talented martial artists who been training training for 5+ years.  Even more than showing a commitment to their own training, they continue to prove that they’re all great leaders and role models in the dojo, so it was great to see them leading the way during this special training session.

Normally in the dojo we split the classes by age in order to properly cater to everyone’s needs, but on these special training days it’s great to have everyone jump in together and share a common passion for karate.

After training it was time for a FREE sausage sizzle put on by the committee.  A special thank you in particular to Leanne & Gerard Baarslag who helped organise everything on this front.

After a bite to eat, it was time for the games:  tug-o-war, sack races, egg and spoon races, bobbing for apples and the famous egg catch game.

For us, karate is so much more than just kicking and punching, it’s a way of life.  And it’s wonderful to be able to share it like our dojo community on days like this.  There are a few opportunities throughout the year, the big ones being the Easter Family Day & the Christmas Family Day.  So if you didn’t make it this time, there will be more opportunities.  But until then, we’ll see you in the dojo.

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