Grading Results


Congratulations to all students who challenged for new grades over the weekend. From what I hear, you all stepped it up a notch and demonstrated some big improvements with your technique.  Well done everyone!!  All belts and certificates will be presented in class throughout the week.

The next grading is scheduled for Saturday 30th June.

Full Listing of Results

12th Kyu – Yellow Belt :  James Craven, Dean Ellis, Tianna Groth, Kimberley Priestly, Rhiannon Saunders, Marcellus Thurston

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe):  Tia Barr, Annie Gagnier * Double graded, Lachlan Humphreys * Double graded, Boas Nielsen, Nikki Perry * Double graded

10th Kyu – Orange Belt:  Jaskaran Bhotoya, Chloe Grice, Raiyan Khan, Claire Krausz * Double graded, Ava Perry

9th Kyu – Green Belt (White Stripe) :  Jacqui Lippey, Abigail Robb, Rika Tsuchida

7th – Blue Belt (White Stripe) :  Matteo Cutuli, Zac Evett, Irena Sprey

6th Kyu – Blue Belt :  William Baarslag

5th Kyu – Purple Belt (White Stripe) :  Cooper Darling


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