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Senior Students Having A Positive Impact on Our Youth


It’s not always apparent what kind of impact you are having on the lives of others, good or bad, until it is pointed out to you.  I was reminded of this recently through one of our young karate kids, Jude and one of our seniors, Senpai Matt.

Not so long ago in February, we held a Sign on Day in which I remember introducing many of our Little Champions and Karate Kids to our seniors. I especially remember the moment that I introduced Jude to Senpai Matt.  Jude’s reaction was “priceless”.    Wide eyed, jaw dropping and he couldn’t take his eyes off Senpai Matt.  Jude trained “in the moment” with a remarkable training attitude, hanging off Senpai Matt’s every word and doing all he could to copy Senpai Matt’s every move.

Here are a few photos taken back in February.

Senpai Matt leading Jude through basic stances


Jude completing a balancing activity with Senpai Matt by his side

Senpai Matt demonstrating Henshu Ho with Senpai Keanu


Senpai Matt and Jude wrapping up a great session together

Only months later (June), as we wrapped up our Saturday Karate Kids class and welcomed our Teens/Adults onto the floor, Senpai Matt and Jude bumped into each other again.  Jude was beside himself seeing Senpai Matt again and it was just like the day they met back in February.   I thought I’d better get a photo to celebrate their friendship.  I think Sensei Martin was a little excited too.  :>)

Thanks to Senpai Matt and all of our seniors at Sunshine Coast Karate.  Not only are you all stepping it up with your own training, you are also making a difference in the lives of the students that follow in your footsteps.

And, all the best to young Jude who will be challenging for his first karate kids grading later in the month.  I’m sure Jude is feeling pretty pumped after seeing Senpai Matt and will be training with greater determination and focus as he edges closer to the grading.

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