A Special Afternoon For Amelie


The day this photo was taken, Debbie came in to let us know of a special moment for Amelie  which we celebrated in class that day.   Amelie and Audrey have ben training at SCK for a little while now and bring so much joy and energy to the dojo. It has been especially exciting to see their belt colours continue to change as they move towards the higher levels in our Little Champions program.

For those who have visited SCK, there is a good chance you have been welcomed to the dojo by  Debbie.  Debbie has been with us at SCK for sometime now and she continually amazes us with her work and care for all SCK families.

We rarely get to see Debbie in photos as she is usually kept busy at the front desk, so we thought it would be a great chance to acknowledge the connection that Debbie has with all of our SCK families.   It’s not uncommon to see Debbie’s desk surrounded by kids before and after classes and she will often slip into the dojo to help kids settle in to their training.

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