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Smiles All Round At Sunshine Coast Karate


Congratulations to Leo, Mylo and Archer earning new tips in our Little Champions Programs.

At Sunshine Coast Karate, our Little Champions are encouraged to put in their best effort with every lesson and intentionally exercise their mind and body.

It’s a truly magic moment when our Little Champions realise that they can make positive choices in their lives, apply themselves (mind & body) and create favourable results through consistent and focused action. And, they can do all of this whilst having a load of FUN.

Outwardly, we may see tips and belts being awarded, but the real win is what is happening on the inside. When it comes time to receive a belt promotion, our Little Champions can stand tall and embrace their victory moment more fully with great satisfaction.

Our Little Champions:
1. Make a commitment
2. Invest time and do the work
3. Develop their skills and grow in confidence.

Congratulations once again to Leo, Mylo and Archer on your recent achievements. Let’s keep growing together!

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