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Karate Kids – School Holiday Program >> Success


From the 22-26 September, a group of nearly 20 karate kids enjoyed the school holiday program at the dojo. Throughout the week participants did 3 hours of karate each day, while this might seem like a lot, everyone learned a heaps and had a great time.

The majority of the week was spent preparing for the final day in which we invited parents to come in and see what we had been doing all week. The demonstrations went for around an hour, in which time we had showed the types of things that we had been doing. In particular it never ceases to amaze me how brand new students who know absolutely nothing when they arrive on the first day are prepared to get up on their own in front of everyone and perform. While not all beginners had the opportunity to perform on their own, the few that did were amazing!

Here are a few pictures from the final day of the holiday program.

I would also like to congratulate all of our existing members who participated in the week. I was so proud to see everyone so encouraging and supportive of the new students and also good role models in terms of effort and good manners. Finally I would like to thank both Emma Woodhouse and Linh Tran who gave up part of their school holidays to come in and volunteered their time teaching and guiding small groups throughout the week. I look forward to another one next year.  If there is enough interest, perhaps we’ll have another one again sooner.

If you have missed out this time, you can still get started we have karate classes all year round for beginner kids, families and adults.

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