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Our karate kids are back to school and for the most part, putting some great runs on the board in the dojo. We had a couple of hot and sweaty training sessions last week and it was difficult for some of our students to maintain a good level of focus that would keep them on the road of “progress.” To be honest, it was difficult for me to remain engaged on my game as an instructor.

A. Let students and myself continue on the downward spiral towards a low state of energy and low productivity. OR
B. Freshen up, re-focus and set a new challenge to get us through the session

We went with option “B”.
– Water break
– Re-focus on our goals (ourselves & dojo community)
– How do we need to turn up if we are going to achieve our goal?
– Challenge: In this moment, let’s turn up together and do what we believe we need to do in order to make this lesson count. Finishing our training session on a high.

REFLECT’N’GROW: At the end of the session… Reflect: How did we go? Score ourselves on a scale of 1- 10. How can we improve our score next time?

This is a great technique to get yourself back in the game if you find yourself distracted and off target both in and out of the dojo. Give it a go and let us know how you go.

HABIT BUILDING: Recognise that you are in a low state and possibly on a downward spiral…. Take a break, freshen up, re-focus and set a challenge to get you through your activity.

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