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March 1937 photo taken by the Ryukyu Shimpo to commemorate both the establishment of the Okinawan Prefectural Karate-Do Promotional Society and the Kihon-gata of Karate-do. The photo first appeared in Nakasone Genwa’s 1938 publication, “Karate-do Taikan” [The Encyclopaedia of Karate-Do].

Top Row L-R: Gusukuma Shimpan, Maeshiro Choryo/aka Chitose Tsuyoshi, Chibana Choshin & Nakasone Genwa. Seated L-R: Kyan Chotoku, Yabu Kentsu, Hanshiro Chomo & Miyagi Chojun. Special thanks to my friend Glenn Perry for colourising the image.

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