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“My two eldest children have been doing karate now for around 10 years. They’re now 21 and 22 years old and just this year they earned their teaching qualifications. I’ve gotta admit it’s still a little strange to call them “Sensei”. ?

A bit over 5 years ago they inspired me to get started too after watching from the sidelines for so long. And my youngest daughter now 14 years old has been training for a little over 2 and a half years.

The teenage years can be a tricky and confusing time as they go through so many different changes in their lives. My children have really found karate to be their go-to place for gaining perspective and to reflect on a positive path in life. In challenging times, it kept them focused and goal oriented and kept them on a straight path to wellness and success. Not only has karate helped with confidence, fitness, meditation, goal setting, it’s also helped them focus on what’s good for them.

They have also enjoyed participating in tournaments, social events and karate camps. They have bonded and made long life friends. Karate isn’t just an activity for us, it’s now our lifestyle.” ~ Rosemarie Caston

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