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“Our 5yo is a bit of a handful at home, so we decided to give him a hobby. Karate was his choice so we went looking for a dojo.

I would just like to say that we were so lucky to find Martin and Sandra at sunshine Coast Karate, lucky because their dojo was the first we looked at.

Martin and Sandra are so patient and respectful to both us and our son, we had heaps of trouble getting him to partake in the first few lessons, but Martin and Sandra stood by us and offered us enough time to get him comfortable at the dojo. Now he waits all week to attend his class and is half way toward achieving his first belt upgrade, he is so proud of his training, he rarely stops talking about it.

If you want a great dojo where your child can grow in confidence and self discipline, then look no further than Sunshine Coast Karate. ” ~ Chris Pyatt

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