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“I wanted to start my then 4 1/2 year old son Patrick in a Karate programme to help build up his confidence as he was a very shy boy. We sat at SCK for approximately six weeks in a row watching the Little Champions train and Patrick was very keen until it was time to go in by himself and train and he would back off. Therefore after speaking with Martin and Sandra my wife and I decided that I would take him to family night and I would also train.

Almost 2 years late and Patrick loves coming back to SCK and recently competed in his first tournament where he received a 1st place for his individual Kata under 7 years of age and a 3rd place for the individual Kumite under 7’s. This also culminated in Patrick being awarded the tournament champion for Little Champions Beginners.

The sensei’s and staff and SCK are fantastic, they teach the kids life skills and I would recommend to SCK to any and all parents looking for a wonderful dojo for their kids or themselves.” ~ Brendan Edwards

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