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Sometimes we start our days with the intention to have a great day, but for some reason we can’t seem to gain control of our thoughts no matter how hard we try.

We find ourselves pondering negative, unproductive thoughts so we try to override this lack of mind control with a growing “to do list” and anything we can do to distract ourselves from our own minds, or just get frustrated and allow it to steal our joy.

Every now and then, we’ll notice our minds still out of control (potentially worsening and begin effecting all areas of our lives) with no focus and we have to once again make a decision…

  1. Distract ourselves with everything we can to avoid dealing with our mind.
  2. Remain in a state of frustration
  3. Listen and believe these thoughts and live below what we know is our full potential.
  4. Realise there is nowhere to hide and with a bit of practice, we have the power to control our minds.

There are times when my mind wants to dwell on negative thoughts and take me on a trip down memory lane and/or predict the worse possible scenario for an upcoming event/experience. I can generally refocus myself these days, but there is the odd occasion when I need to bring out the big guns and rely on my backup plan.

It is simple, yet powerful if you put it into practice. I hope that this backup plan pulls you towards the life that you truly want to live.

My Backup Plan

  1. Don’t Run, Don’t Hide. Don’t Fight. Don’t get Frustrated. It is what it is, just flow peacefully and be patient with yourself. If anything, say thank you for your increased awareness of your mind and start to take control one moment at a time.
  2. Use your body: Stand tall, align your posture and eyes level so you are looking ahead as far as your eyes can see.
  3. Breathe in and take a long breath out.
  4. And whilst you hold your posture, eyes and practice breathing…..Smile. Smile because you know that each day you are growing and getting better and better everyday. You may not be where you want to be, you may not be what you consider to be perfect, but you are improving.
  5. Take a moment (schedule it) to think about things like:
  • what you “do” want
  • what you are grateful for
  • who you would love to see have a great day

Wishing you your best day ever. Let’s grow!!!!

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