Congratulations to Sensei Klaudia Caston, successfully grading to Nidan last Saturday.

Normally QLD Chito-Ryu seniors have the opportunity to do dan gradings at the QLD camp (usually May) and senior training weekend (Sep or Oct), however there are some special circumstances and we felt it was appropriate to make an exception.

Prior to the QLD camp we were watching Sensei Klaudia closely as someone who was possibly ready to grade, but at that time there was still some more work to be done in some areas, so she did not get the opportunity to grade at the camp.

Shortly after the camp Sensei Klaudia shared some big news with us, that some of you may already know. She’s decided to spend the next 2 years in Canada, staying on after the Soke Cup.

Given that she was so close to being ready to do her grading at the camp, we decided to give her the opportunity to keep working towards her nidan grading and if she got up to speed attempt her grading last weekend. She not only got up to speed to earn an invitation to grade, but also successfully passed, becoming only our 3rd home grown nidan on the Sunshine Coast.

The next 2 years are sure to be a big adventure for her and although we’re sad to see her leave the Sunshine Coast (temporarily) we’re also excited to see where life takes her as she embarks on this adventure.

Of course, there’s still a few weeks before she heads off to Canada for the Soke Cup and beyond, so there will be plenty of opportunities to train with her and congratulate her in person before she goes.

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