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Special achievements for Klaudia:


Before we left Penticton today to head back home to Australia, we made a special stop to visit Sensei Klaudia Caston in her hotel room. Sensei Klaudia will be staying on in Canada for the next 2 years on a working holiday, travelling around the country and hopefully getting to train with a lot of the Canadian Chito-Ryu family along the way.

Sensei Klaudia did her grading about a month before the Soke Cup and we were very fortunate to have Soke passed on her Nidan grading certificate just in time for us to present to her before we heading back to Australia. Unfortunately we didn’t get to make the presentation publicly, but it was still a special moment nonetheless.

Sensei Klaudia is definitely going to be missed in the dojo. We’d like to wish her all the best. We’re already counting down the days until she gets back into the dojo at Sunshine Coast Karate.

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