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Black belt gradings – Gold Coast Dojo:


From all of us at Sunshine Coast Karate, congratulations Anthony, Monica and Samantha on your recent grading succes. It’s a great achievement and wonderful to see more and more students achieving dan levels and teaching licences.Congratulations to Gold Coast instructor, Adam Higgins Sensei. A proud moment for sure. If you are ever on the Gold Coast and/or have family and friends living their that would love to try Chito-Ryu Karate-Do, be sure to connect with Adam Sensei.Reminder: Throughout your journey you’ll experience highs and lows but remember Sensei Martin’s advice, “keep turning up”. Once you are in the dojo you can quickly turn your lows into a break through moment and build momentum quickly with your training buddies. Before you know it you too will have earned your next goal in the perfect time and in the perfect way for you.”With peace, perseverance and hard work, we are sure to reach our goals.”Let’s grow!!!

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